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There are few things WebTv users should know when it comes to midis. So if you are an old hand, you can just skip right over this section. But, if you are new to WebTv, HTML, or webpage building, the information on this page may be very useful to you.

First off, if at all possible, it is best to transload midis you wish to keep permanently. Transloading is a means of down and uploading files using an online tool. Instructions on how to transload, and why you should, can be found on this page.

For anyone unfamiliar with HTML, who wishes to use a midi as a background sound in WebTv email, or a webpage, here is how to code it properly:        REST OF PAGE/EMAIL SIGNATURE     You may also add a tag that will allow the music to play a certain number of times, or without end.        REST OF PAGE/EMAIL SIGNATURE     You will need to substitue the "#" for any number, or use the word "infinite" for non-stop play. More in depth explanations of HTML, and HTML tutorials pages can also be found on this page.

One Note: Any files you find in Bugg's closet that include the karaoke screen, may still be used as a background sound on WebTv email, or on webpages. Simply follow normal HTML coding. The song will play, but the screen will not show when used as a background sound.